HS Briefing - Equinox Portal Induction or "In-Breath" Now Completes, Brief Integrational Pause Ensues

by April Bender

As you correctly intuited this morning, the "in-breath" or energetic induction phase of this colossal equinox portal is now complete/completing. Your vessel stands tall, FULL, literally filled to the brim with high frequency, full spectrum bandwidth energetics of a highly charged, transformative nature. These energies contain vast quantities of higher information, light codes, and ancestral (Star/Soul Family) memory as internally accessed, magnetized, and pulled-through by you during this most colossal portal opening.

You've done extremely well in utilizing your "inner nexus point" between worlds (chakra/spiritual centers), while staying "centered" within your solar plexus or seat/throne of divine empowerment, as you successfully "breathed in a vastness," not yet experienced or contained, into your Being.

As a result, you now find yourself in a brief moment or "pause of integration." You're still feeling full, somewhat constricted and a little uncomfortable while containing such vastness,  however, energetics have leveled themselves out a bit within your field. And this is why you're not feeling quite as miserable or uncomfortable with such fullness as you were over the last couple of days.

All that you've indrawn before or that is contained within your field is now mixing, integrating, exchanging information with the new energetics/information that you've just breathed in. This is in preparation for an enormous "out-breath" or synchronized act of COLLECTIVE CO-CREATION, INDIVIDUAL EXPRESSION and/or "ascension leap" on a scale not yet seen or experienced before. (See previous messages)

This current "pause" or integration period should complete itself some time later today/tonight. At which point, the most magnificent expression or "out-breath" will flow out of your Being/vessel into all corners of Creation itself - integrating/linking/exchanging information with other such streams of expression - further restructuring, igniting, and activating the Web of Life and Collective Mind, not to mention propelling those individuals like you who are taking an "active" role in this entire process to another platform/level/experience of Ascension.

Please check in again later.


  1. Hi April, I used to follow your HS messages at Georgi Stankov's site until he stopped his blog. I'm glad I found you again, your messages have always matched with how I felt and to have that validation from another human being is precious, thanks!

    1. Thank you for your kind words. You're so welcome, and I'm very glad that other fellow PATsters have found this site as well.


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