HS Message - Flourishing Bursts of Radiance are Transforming All

by April Bender

Today I, your Higher Self or I AM presence, am pleased to share with you a  more broad assessment of what is currently transpiring energetically within you and the larger collective community of Earth/Gaia. In recent messages, I discussed the exciting acquisition of your new vessel or newly structured/unified Self, your expanded co-creative abilities and heightened capacity for communion, how best to utilize these, as well as the overall amplification of power/energy now pulsating through and emanating out of you. Now, we are going to dive into the implications/influence of all this on the larger light warrior collective along with the overall effects of this glorious opening as it relates to all inhabitants of Earth and beyond.

But first, let's step back a bit. As you know, your vessel has always had the capacity to serve not only as a portal but also as a converter and store-house of quantum energies and higher harmonics between worlds/realms through the balancing, clearing, alignment and overall utilization of your spiritual centers (chakras). These energy centers are your interface to other worlds/realms and/or various pockets of space/time, whether individual beings are conscious and/or actively working with theses centers and/or the information/impressions coming through or not.

And all living beings, including the plant and animal kingdoms and even Gaia herself, are created with such inner (soul/spirit body) energy centers/doorways.This is how all of CREATION communicates or "sings" to itself. These centers also serve as the inner nexus point of mirrored flow, where the concept/mechanisms of "as above, so below" or "as within, so without" reside and can be fully accessed and understood. Through these centers all Life is connected and it is through these centers that all Life shall be UNIFIED/ACTIVELY LINKED and RESTORED. It is not only Earth or the inhabitants of Earth that I speak of either, this will lead to a restoration of many, many connecting worlds/realms as well that have been harmed through their involvement/connection to Earth.

Soon, each and every soul will find themselves finally, in an experience truly worthy and deserving of their own inner merit - the level of soul growth they have achieved. Each will be given the opportunity to come Home, wherever it is they most "energetically/vibrationally" feel at Home at or yearn for - and this experience of great Love, Freedom and Union will only continue to deepen and blossom over time, offering many new experiences, adventures, and challenges to engage in at various levels of existence/experience.

Just as there are many new levels of existence to be explored, so too are there many new layers of reality opening to you and others, these pathways intertwining with one another in order to be able to fully commune/link with one another - ultimately ending the sense of separation that pervades Earth and her ethers. Allowing a full reunification of your multi-dimensional Self and your Soul/Star family, so that these lineages may once again be accessible to All. And it is because of the newly acquired RADIANCE of your chakra (soul body/spiritual) centers and the mastership of your inner "breath work" of co-creation, communication/communing, and the further raising and integration of the underlying energies/vibrations of Truth, Love, Self Sovereignty, Respect, Appreciation, Gratitude, Joy and Unity/Wholeness, that you will soon see VAST changes sweeping across your outer world on a scale never before seen/experienced at any time in Earth's recent past.

As such you've already personally noticed your entire field has expanded once again rather dramatically. The size of your vessel/field is quite enormous now, magnificent really. The emanations coming off of you are strong, potent, swirling vortexes that quietly but powerfully and pervasively fill all the ethers surrounding you. Any act of co-creation or communication/communion only further solidifies such emanations. By this extension, you are literally integrating/merging these higher frequency emanations (the storehouse or nexus point that is YOU) with All That Is. Continued momentum of this feedback loop or "breath-work," will only see your field/vessel become that much more powerful and expansive. You are truly blossoming into ALL that you came here to be and experience.

Now take this image of Self and this overall process and multiply it out to include the collective light warrior community. Is it no wonder that the scales have finally tipped? WHAT AN OPENING FOR TREMENDOUS CHANGE we have here now! If all are attempting this form of soulful "breath-work" and are relatively successful to differing degrees, then we shall soon see a co-creative birth of ENORMOUS PROPORTIONS - hence the final outer shifting/manifestation of a New Age on Earth!

This is PRECISELY what is happening NOW - the point of culmination. After all your time on Earth, and all the cycles and seasons that have passed on her, all the hard work of confronting, clearing, balancing, integrating and synthesizing, those of the first hour/order have finally donned their bestowed "mantles/garments" and are rising to the challenge, the joy, and the honor of such service to the Divine Plan. In turn you all inspire, trigger, and magnetize others to follow in your wake, to the degree that they are able/choose. Therefore, in some way and to some degree, ALL become part of the Great Shift itself.

The stage was set long ago, all systems of support are in place, and all final energetic "movements" have now commenced. The Great Unification and Restoration is at hand. Through the exercise of this higher "breathing"  process, which aids in the unification of energies/information, a point will soon be reached when all connections/links are re-established, activated/ignited, higher information integrated and UNIFIED. At that point, all beings residing on Gaia, including Gaia herself, will collectively have a very spacious interior moment/experience of "no-time." This is what I refer to also as The Event, and it will be experienced differently by everyone. After this experience, it is safe to say, nothing will ever be the same.

As the old passes quickly away or at least out of site/focus, it's up to each and every one of you to keep up the momentum, stay strong and see this through. The incoming energy waves/inductions will only continue to grow larger and become more potent and less yielding/flexible to those pockets of remaining resistance. It is well advised to get plenty of rest when needed and follow your intuition in matters of self-care and protection. The quiet, formless, and persistent emanations of spirit now call ALL back to a state of love, unity, freedom and wholeness and you ARE the Ambassadors of that call, therefore it's extremely important to look after yourselves, especially until after you've fully blossomed into your new vehicles/vessels and their capacities/abilities.

You are All GLORIOUS and DIVINE sparks of CREATION who are now finally ready to be fully unleashed upon the world. Now walk in your full POWER and GLORY and SHARE all that you've learned or "breathed-in" with the world. Just always remember that with great power, comes great responsibility. Always be aware of and stand in your personal "center" or "ground of All Being." Allow your magnificent RADIANCE to emanate outwards - to shine ever so brightly upon the world. For you ARE that in which you've been waiting for!


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