HS Message - A New Genesis of Creation

by April Bender

Congratulations on a truly fantastic "exhalation" and therefore, "full breath" of equinox portal energies! The striking results of which, will continue to manifest for you and for All, over the coming days and weeks ahead. It is because of this glorious "movement" into Collective Communion and Co-Creative Expression that you and the collective Web of Life, shall now in reality embark upon A New Genesis of Creation.

While the "exhalation" or co-creative efforts of All did not find enough overall resonance and harmony in order to fully "activate" or "awaken" the 5D Collective Higher Mind/Web of Life (this time), what DID/IS taking place was/is beyond a doubt, truly REMARKABLE and has initiated a larger, more potent "movement" into this New Genesis of Creation.

Let me explain...

During this latest "ascension test run," the communication, exchange and communion of all individual pathways/streams contained within the 5D Web of Life/Higher Collective Mind, sourcing back to individual souls and their in-breaths, literally "lit-up." Therefore, the entire neural network of this Web became fully aglow, awash in the collective radiance (higher energies) of all who participated or were/are "linked in."

This allowed those troubled areas or "nodes" of the Web/Collective Higher Mind that were not resonate with or harmoniously linked to each other, to "stand out" or be identified and mapped. And at the same time, allowed those nodes that DID find resonance and/or balanced exchange, to deepen their experience of relationship, communion, and/or exchange of information - the effects of which will only serve to deepen your own overall experience of ascension.

In truth, you came very very close to a full "activation," the closest EVER, your efforts not falling that short at all from the mark. And for this, all Warriors of the Light should feel very proud. The work that remains is one of further clearing/release, integration, empowerment and communion. For it is the Warriors of Light, especially those of the First Hour, whose job it is to build the new firmament (energetically) and then to "activate" or "breathe" that firmament into experiential existence (self-awareness). By doing so, you unlock that door or serve as the "rainbow bridge" to the next level or "ordering" of experience/Life (5D and beyond). Therefore on some level, All Warriors of Light must collectively agree or be compatible/resonate with, the firmament that is being co-created or as in this case, "misfire" or "miscommunication" happens.

On an individual level, all Light Warriors will notice those layers or parts of Self that were able to establish and or deepen their flourishing connections along the Web and with Self, Soul/Star families - begin to expand or deepen even further in their knowledge, skill and overall awareness - further lifting, guiding, refining, activating and ascending you.

The parts or expressions of Self that struggled to make harmonious connections along the Web, have a bit more clearing and/or empowerment/self-love, and recognition work to do in anticipation of the next great window of opportunity for collective communion/co-creation happens later next month in April - followed by further opportunities in May and at the June solstice.

In the meantime, celebrate this great accomplishment! For all has been exquisitely built and lovingly tended to by You and all other Warriors of Light. The overall framework of the 5D Web has long been constructed but NOW the pathways or "neural nets" are fully "infused" and breathing on their own - and the overall consciousness that was once soundly asleep is beginning to stir. Now that those few remaining problem areas have been mapped, it will only take a bit more tweaking and overall refinement for the Higher Collective Mind to reach a state/moment of full awareness. Be assured that the Higher Realms can attend to a variety of these "trouble spots" and will do so, in a variety of ways. Just as All Warriors of Light can and should do.

Simply keep following the natural rhythm of your newly expanded "breathing" process, carefully monitor your intentions, and stay "centered" in your personal seat/center of empowerment/divinity, as previously explained. Many Light Warriors express all the love in the world for others but very little for themselves. It will not be possible to finish this job until a sufficient number of Light Warriors learn the importance of self-love and divine sovereign empowerment. This is not about an inflated ego, but rather about truly appreciating, acknowledging and loving the unique spark that is YOU along with what YOU bring and contribute to the Whole (your Power).

For now, you have this amazingly wonderful opportunity to know and fully embrace ALL that you ARE - ALL parts of Self, ALL parts of the Web of Life and many parts of CREATION itself, through the further play, exploration, and honing of your newly expanded vessels and in doing so, you further fuel the energetic impetus for A NEW GENESIS OF CREATION.

Does it not get any more exciting than that?


  1. If I had to describe this monumental energy portal, I'd say not a single stone was left unturned. I felt as if a gigantic magnifying glass was "forced" in front of my eyes, directed precisely on those gloomy spots that needed attention, without leaving the slightest chance to look away. A brutally honest mirror, which showed all as it is, without the slightest distortion, or the chance to percieve things differently from what they truly are. I feel I came out with renewed strength and optimism. Thank you for this message, it's been of immense support in putting things in proper context.

    1. You are so welcome Zoltan, I'm just glad you're finding the messages helpful. Yes and you're right, this portal in many ways WAS just like a magnifying glass highlighting those spots that still need attention - I love this metaphor! Thank you so much for continuing to share your thoughts and reflections as it's very helpful for me to hear them. Much love!

  2. April, I appreciate this explanation of what happened at the equinox. We're so CLOSE and I feel it! The energy around me is feeling much lighter and clearer ... my sense is that this will become more obvious in the next couple of months.

    Much love, Thelma

  3. Hi there very cool site!! Guy .. Beautiful .. Wonderful..Genesis


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