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Collective Pulse Report: The Three Waves of Global Transformation

by April Bender via Integrated Overself

It's been awhile since our last channeled forecast (Embracing Shadow: The Rise of the Collective Unconscious) but today I wish to update you on the current energetics and primary forces at play upon your world in the hopes that this information generates deeper understanding and insight within those consciously participating with the ongoing ascension and/or re-enchantment process here on Earth.

Energetics by and large within the collective, as well as the individual (as above/so below), continue to converge in three major waves of transformation: 1) revelation; 2) reclamation and; 3) healing and integration. . . all leading to greater heights of awareness, wholeness, and upliftment. Ultimately changing the very fabric of reality, the overall experience of Earth, and humanity's place within it.

At times it may seem as if the sheer size, power, and force of any one of these waves may crash over, inundate and carry one away in it's murk…

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