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Collective Pulse Report: Harvesting the Fruits of Your Labors

by April Bender via Higher Self 

Some time has passed since our last channeled message, "Collective Pulse Report: The Three Waves of Global Transformation," and while those three waves continue to crash upon your earthly shores - molding, transforming, reshaping, and redefining your core existence and overall experience - there are important updates, clarifications, and distinctions to be made at this time that will help all ascending initiates, light and magic workers, and healers (depending on how one identifies) best work with the current energetics of this ascending planetary cycle.

Clarifications and Updates

I do want to take a moment to point out that within those groups I just mentioned, there are many different levels of development found. Meaning there are those who are newly initiated all the way to those working through to actualizing a level of mastership, and many levels in-between. Soul/spiritual development is highly unique to each being. I mention this becaus…

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