HS Briefing - The Bursting Open of this Colossal Equinox Portal

by April Bender

I would like to take a moment today, to speak with you about how you've been feeling and to assure you that it does indeed directly relate to the opening of the Spring Equinox Portal.

This magnificently robust "opening" actually began in earnest yesterday. That is why in such a short time you've gone from feeling completely emptied/clear and utterly expansive (vessel) - to feeling uncomfortably full, bloated, and squeezed tight (energetically). Seemingly, like there is very little inner "wiggle" room. You are feeling tired, restless, irritable, rebellious, angry and/or sad, along with the typical ascension or "inner expansion" aches and pains within the body.

I wanted to assure you by clarifying for you, that with this Spring Equinox Portal comes GREAT potential for CONTACT or The Event to take place. The enormous boost of highly charged/vibrational energies this portal brings will pack the biggest OOMPH yet! Because this IS such a COLOSSAL portal opening, you are naturally following your usual rhythm of energy/light INDUCTION, but this time filling your newly expanded vessel/vehicle in preparation for a MIGHTY CO-CREATIVE EXHALATION or movement, which will be a synchronized "test," "firing up," or "activation" of the newly restructured and highly infused Grid or Web of Life and/or the Radicalization of the Collective Mind sometime on/around March 20-21.

This is THE Breath I've been attempting to prepare you for, in my previous messages up to this point, that will indeed re-establish the link/awareness of your Soul/Star families and lineages back into the experience of Gaia - at a certain level of experience.

That level, depends upon the individual and collective success of the initial "thrust" of CO-CREATION/COMMUNION between all of those of the First Order, Gaia, your Soul/Star families, and all other Warriors of the Light, participating from every level of awakened soul growth, as earlier discussed. Therefore, a GRAND ORCHESTRATION is about to unfold - IS unfolding.

Those "Flourishing Bursts of Radiance" have rippled out across the larger Web of Life, now meeting, linking, exchanging and aligning information, codes, and/or "higher vibrational" quantum energy and flow. The foundational or "skeletal" structure of the New Web was completed and put into place over the last 2 years (the links re-established by the breaking of dimensional "seals" by those of the First Order). Now you could say the "flesh and blood" of the Web is getting applied/made-over  - hence, the Radicalization of the Collective Mind, Web of Life and Individual Experience (Ascension) NOW ensues...


  1. You must be true angle , so beautiful and full of light .

  2. As the message describes, this portal opening has been colossal, to say the least. The physical and emotional expressions described in the second paragraph mirror my own experiences perfectly. Thank you for keeping us updated!!

  3. Your welcome Zoltan. Thanks for continuing to read these messages!

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