Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Magic of March 2015: Manifesting the New Dream

by April Bender (via Higher Self)

UPDATE SPRING 2016: Completing another revolutionary arc on the grand spiral of time has only served to deepen and expand this process of the Collective Higher Mind/Web of Life. This message is perhaps even more relevant this Spring.

Welcome to the March Equinox Gateway!

Whereas previously, the December solstice brought with it a new strata of high-vibrational foundational energies for the masters to impress upon, that in which they would see manifest as part of the new dream and/or experience of New Earth – the recent powerful March equinox gateway energies (eclipse and new moon) are now bringing all, the opportunity and the energies conducive to manifesting that new world dream or "imprint" into reality.

This is happening through the act of co-creation and cooperation along and within the (5-7D) Collective Higher Mind/Web of Life, which in many ways is still in its infancy but evolving rapidly. It is also important to remember, that according to the natural cyclic rhythms of Earth and its collective, what is “seeded” in March will only continue to grow, flourish and mature throughout the rest of the coming year. So this indeed truly stands to be quite a remarkable year for magic and miracles to abound!