About Me

April Bender

I am a born sensitive, empath, intuitive, and channel/medium. I am naturally curious and therefore, a life-long learner with a creative as well as intellectual mind.

My spiritual search began at the age of 8 in an effort to better understand the out-of-body, vivid dream, visionary, and psychic attack experiences I had been having as far back as I could remember. In those early days my search began within the pages of a Encyclopedia Brittanica set that my parents had supplied my brother and I as part of our early education. An avid reader even at that age, I remember spending hours reading and learning about such things as astrology, numerology, magic, various religious and spiritual traditions, exotic places and cultures - especially those of the ancient past. Later on, in my teenage years my aunt introduced me to my first new age bookstore. I thought I'd found heaven! Now I could study such topics much more intentionally and in-depth.

Over the years my search to better understand and hone my natural sensitivities, capacities and leanings led me to delve into the mystical sides of many religious and spiritual traditions and experiment with and deepen into many practices. Some of the religions and spiritual traditions I've learned the most from include but are not limited to Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, Sufism, Hermeticism, Judaism, Gnosticism, Theosophy, New Age spirituality, Shamanism, Native American spirituality, Celtic seership/spirituality, Wicca, and Appalachian Folk Magic. I've also participated in many trainings, workshops, and conferences over the years to deepen more fully into these teachings and practices as well as studied and continue to study complementary topics such as philosophy, psychology, sociology, anthropology, classical physics, quantum physics, and various other realms of science and thought.

I began as a trained Reiki practitioner and later became a master, and have been so for about 17 years now. I am a trained Shamanic journeyer and a natural sensitive, healer, and channel.

I am a wife and mother to two beautiful young adults.

I feel that my role in the current ascension cycle of the planet is that of transmuter, transmitter, seer and message bearer, co-creator, counselor, diplomat, wisdom-sharer, and friend.


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