Learning to Communicate/Commune with Higher Self

by April Bender

Folks have written in recently expressing an interest in learning how to better communicate with their own Higher Selves. I highly applaud these inquiries, as learning to commune with your Higher Self (HS) is the most important thing you can do for personal soul growth and development.

While I can't give anyone a "sure-fire" technique or way to connect with their HS, I can easily share with those who are interested, what has worked well for me over the years. But first, a little background information. . .

What/Who is my Higher Self?

First, know that you do already hear from your HS on a daily basis but probably don't realize or consciously register it as such.

In the most basic (awareness/mindfulness) sense, Higher Self is the fair-witnessing or objective mind, that space of stillness and non-judgement that sees the entire picture/landscape of any given situation without attachment - as it simply IS. It is the you that can step "outside" of all earthly roles, masks, and dramas - who simply watches, observes, sees or acknowledges without judgement of - what IS. Therefore, it is also the you that exists outside of time/space that sees and understands the larger patterns of life - the many cycles and seasons, the ebb and flow of the tides, etc...

In a deeper (heart-based) sense, your HS is that small voice in your head or heart that knows the difference between "right" and "wrong" and encourages you to do the "right" thing.  It's that internal tug of compassion or righteousness that tells you to forgive or make amends with someone despite the fact, that they have wronged you. HS is also your inner truth meter and where your sense of "intuition" originates from. It is the voice, or part of you, that when you're sitting alone and quiet - "knows" when a loved one is about to call or stop by. It is the you that then receives them with your gifts of love, wisdom, compassion, generosity, and non-judgment. HS is also that part of you, which responds to the cries of another in need or to those who are suffering. Therefore, encompassing all these descriptions - Higher Self is the "angel of your better nature," and/or your ultimate divine expression of LOVE.

In the deepest sense, your Higher Self is your inner divine spark of creation. It is your Soul/Spirit body. It is the WHOLE, ETERNAL and INDESTRUCTIBLE YOU that contains all the various fragments, incarnational personalities, and your multi-dimensional selves, along with the knowledge/wisdom of your soul/star families and lineage and even something of the inner workings of Creation itself. It is the you that knows the lap, the embrace...and therefore, the love of the Creator. It is the you that is on a timeless experiential soul/spiritual journey of adventure, growth, joy, and exploration of great love and divine service. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that this is also the part of you that quietly and persistently guides, directs, and leads you from one life experience to the next - to those experiences that will stimulate your inner growth/development in order that you may learn, grow, awaken and even evolve into all that you were meant to BECOME. But make no mistake, your Higher Self's greatest expression and gift to you is one of UNCONDITIONAL love, support, and understanding without judgement. 

Your HS is all that I have described. . .and MORE.

Deepening Your Relationship with Higher Self

The way I began deepening my relationship with HS was to first enter into a meditative/mindful state and then journal with Her. First I would set a sacred space by smudging, lighting a candle, and stating my intention to connect with that part of Self as described above. Next, I would write a question I had on the first line of a clean sheet of paper. Then I would calm, relax, and center myself either through meditation or mindful breath-work as I held that question within my mind and heart. I would then consciously call forth that part of my wise, objective, and compassionate self to answer the question (the same "Higher You" that you call forth when assisting a friend in need), and then just allowed my pen to write and answer.

Don't over think it, instead simply let the information flow. Simply answer yourself to the best of your ability. Remember, you are having a conversation with you, your own best friend. Your inner or HS sense of "knowing" will naturally take over the more you are able to relax and let go of any outcome. Which means, don't try to rationally make sense of what you're writing until you are finished writing. The logical mind will inhibit/interrupt or distort the flow of information from HS, as will ego, so it's best to wait until after you're done channeling/communing to try and analyze or rationalize your work.

It took a little time for me to trust the information I was receiving at first and that's natural, but I stuck with it and over the course of that entire first year of such activity, my HS led me step-by-step to a wonderful new job opportunity, that was in much better alignment to the skills, passions and gifts that I bring to this world. And she helped me to do that, by simply answering one question at a time. Some of my initial, clumsy questions were things like, "Why do I keep feeling this way?" or "What sort of work should I be doing?" and "How can I best contribute to the Divine Plan?"

Now that I've honed this ability, after years of good practice and discernment, I no longer need the journal or even individual questions though I could still begin that way. Instead I simply open a sacred space, center myself, and sit down at my laptop - and the information flows. I also find because of this ongoing practice, I now embody more of my HS throughout the entire day. And it's much easier for me to know when I'm acting out of my Big Self (HS) or Little Self (ego driven self) in any given situation/trigger. That's not to say that our relationship is perfect or complete, as with all things spiritual, it is an ongoing journey/evolution.

There are many other similar techniques and practices that can be utilized as well. If you find the journaling too difficult at first, you could try simply drawing or doodling images, and then looking up their symbolic meanings online (like a circle means this, a flower means that, etc...) and receive your messages/information that way. Or you could try becoming still/quiet, stating your question aloud to HS and then opening any random book on your bookcase to any page. Skim that page for anything that jumps out at you and read it. Most likely you'll find the answer to your question with relative ease. You can also commune with Higher Self through self tarot card or rune readings or even by sitting quietly alone in nature. Again, there are a variety of contemplative practices to build up confidence, skill, intuition and your overall sense of communion with Higher Self.

Also, know that the current energies are working with you in this endeavor, what took me years to accomplish/hone can be done much more quickly these days in the accelerated energies, if you but only reach for it.


I wish you the best of luck in the discovery of and communion with your Higher Self. And remember, a persistent effort will never disappoint. For the moment your Higher Self sees you reaching out to him/her nothing will ever be the same again for you. Your inner life will BLOOM.

Please keep me posted on your progress, as I would love to hear your stories and personal accounts of such inner communion. Also, let me know if you found this article helpful and/or if you have more questions that perhaps I did not address.

For those who are reading this, who have already established a connection with their Higher Selves or I AM Presence, please share any additional thoughts or suggestions you might have in this regard, as others may find them very helpful.

Love and Light,


Source: April's Airings

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  1. Hi there, thanks for your nice communication <3

    I saw you were curious for communications... I have been exploring many facets of myself but really have my interaction with inner self blossoming for this last week especially. I downloaded something beautiful the other day and translated it, please find it here on galactic free press:


    Much love, Jon

    I am at a stage where I seem to be activating my holographic memory and integrate it, in meditative / mindful state I watch the ideas float by like sideways moving snowflakes, knowing the general idea of each one. Rather than attach to any as I have previously, I choose to focus, as I do this my attention is cast forward into the thought snowflake/bubble, when this happens, it expands like a fractal spider diagram / mindmap... VERY cool :D

    1. Dear Jon, thank you so much for sharing your own personal experiences, which I might add, sound truly amazing! There is no doubt that you are a well seasoned traveler! I really enjoyed seeing/reading the link that you provided and am very glad you shared it. Your experiences/encounters are somewhat similar to mine and are a good indication of what folks can expect as they deeper their relationships with Self and the Cosmos. The image you provided was so beautiful, powerful, and evoked a sense of Soul/Star family right away in me. I imagine it is calling forth the same in others who see it. Do you have your own blog site?

    2. Hi April, thank you.

      No - not yet - only a small group on facebook I have created for my ramblings... As this continues, that sounds like a good idea, thank you :-)

  2. Brilliant and interesting tips. Every point is noteworthy and will enhance our intrapersonal relationships. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed reading your article.

    1. Thanks so much Sridhar, I really appreciate your kind feedback.

    2. Hi April,

      Thank you for posting this message about connecting with our HS. This was very helpful to me. I believe I have been hearing from my HS in many cases but did not realize it. I am going to try your Journaling technique. I am really glad you started your blog. You have been a real blessing.


  3. Thanks sister! for being WHO YOU ARE!!!
    just as i needed the extra confidence in my guidance and information, to continue to push farther in my creation\co-creation and dimensional awareness, you showed up... THANK YOU FOR BEING THERE!!! :) and for the support!!!
    AA .L
    p.s The second i saw you i know ! (i still cant see... but i feel the History). :)

  4. Gratitude to you, dear , my understanding of communicating with my HS begane in 1999, when I started practicing S
    elf healing through Reiki. It has been a memorable journey since then as I was guided to journal my memories of inner visions. And I realized that answer comes from any where , from books, magazines, newspapers, tarrot, some one just uttering unconsciously . Thank you for verifying, .. love and gratitude to you .

  5. Dear April, I am enjoying your messages from HS.

    I have been journaling / dialoguing with my HS (which I call my Divine Spirit) for several years. I agree with the usefulness of asking a question and then waiting for a response to come through.

    Mine is actually a back-and-forth between my logical mind and Divine Spirit. I use symbols to differentiate between the "speakers" (an asterisk for logical mind, a small triangle for Higher guidance), e.g.:

    * How do I perceive the "true" reality?

    ∆ Just BE. Don't process through the mind. Expand your identification or self-awareness to ALL you see or perceive - you are ONE energy in every-changing form.

    Also, at the end of the dialogue, I usually ask, "Do you have any words of advice or suggestions for me at this time?" and something invariably comes through.

    Much love, Thelma

  6. Dear Thelma, thank you so much for sharing your own process in connecting/communing with Higher Self. I especially love the additional question you ask at the closing of each session, "Do you have any words of advice or suggestions for me at this time." Brilliant!

    1. Dear April, I am enjoying to read your article about communicating with HS.
      I asked my HS to help me with practicing self-healing through dreams. It's very helpful to me.
      Love and Light! Wen. 2018.12.21.

  7. Very helpful, and inspirational indeed. I managed to establish a deeper inner contact today, via freewriting, and the result was MIND BLOWING. I started off in a state of great inner tension, frustration, aggression, and within half an hour I reached a deep, almost trance-like state, where the pen was writing by itself, the words just came pouring like midsummer rain, and the amount of high-frequency energy released (from within) was simply overwhelming, orgasmic! I ended up feeling like I can do absolutely everything, all doubt, fear, mind-made obstacles blown away like candles in the wind. The infinite power of the PRESENT TIME is literally crying out, begging to be utilized, breathed out from within, expressed in any way. So I say thank you for this wondrous writing, that served precisely as the initial thrust I needed to get cracking myself here and now Love and gratitude April! Divinity is NOW!

    1. What an absolutely beautiful account Zoltan! I am so very glad that you're truly finding my HS messages useful and inspiring. We CAN do it and you're right, the PRESENT is just begging us to seize this gift! Please keep me posted and/or send me some of your free-writing some time. Yes, our Divinity is NOW my friend.

  8. Hi April. I appreciate your blog.

    Since I don't have any internet services listed here or a website, I guess I'll have to be "Anonymous" with a name.

    I thought I'd throw in my two cents (well, maybe a couple dollars worth) here concerning communications with higher self. You may find I can be even more "left field" (way out there) than most "woo woo" types. ;-) And yet I'm as "just folks" as they get. Most folks would have no clue what I'm about until I open my mouth.

    Excuse my short novel here on your blog.

    I "woke up" back in the mid '90s. In the late '90s the entity that I first "heard" from was Earth / Gaia. I knew she was why I was here, to help her ascension. I find she tends to not be very wordy and she's always in character with putting out her famous unconditional love and always thanks me for my love and service to her.

    God was my next contact. And for many years the concept of "higher self" just seemed like some politically correct way for New Agers to say "God" as they may have had some baggage about using that name. I have not shared in that baggage and the skewed ways that some folks interpret God so I freely use that name. It's something to refer to Him as, although I generally like the name Prime Creator the best, which also acknowledges that we are all creators. I have not generally communicated with many other entities. Once I thought, just for fun, I'd check in with AA Michael and he said, "Why are you talking to me? I know you'll just go over my head." We both laughed and yep, I've mostly gone directly to God.

    For years, I also tended to utilize my guardian angels as servants and they are quite happy to serve. They have helped me with everything from finding answers or teachers to finding parking spaces. lol They also can serve as an alarm clock or remind me of things so I don't have to write them down.

    I was also into astrology for years, although when you get to a certain level of spiritual advancement and have essentially knocked out the growth, healing and lessons part of your birth chart energies, then astrology really no longer applies on a personal level. To me, it's then up to you what personality energies you care to keep and we do indeed give ourselves some good quality characteristics that really could stand to be held on to.

    I've also used a dowsing rod and Tarot for years. And am I glad I got into those. More on that later.

    The Divine (in all its various sub-parts) helped me much over the years, mostly through synchronicities. I've been into true vibration / original meanings of words and names and that has often been used to bring me information. Song lyrics, ads on buses, you name it. A gaggle of people with the same astrological sign, whatever.

    My strongest clair was clairsentience (and synchronicity is a subset of that), then clairaudience and claircognizance developed strongly also. Clairvoyance is not my forte but it too has been used upon occasion and yet it has tended to freak me out since I'm not used to "seeing" things, even completely innocuous things.

    But, there is no doubt in my mind that this connection to one's higher self is a very important and significant part of one's process. In early 2009, God sent me John Randolph Price's book "The Angels Within Us." JRP mentioned higher self a lot and at one point defined it as "the part of God dedicated to you." That resonated. Not long after, God told me He was going to step aside and that it was important that I connect to my higher self. God said he'd still be there but wanted me to really solidify my higher self connection. By the end of that year I was communicating as well to my higher self as I had been with God. And I got really good at automatic writing, or more precisely, automatic typing, which can keep up to the exchange a little better.


  9. In 2010, after about 15 years of learning and healing, I entered the most intense part of my ascension process and it lasted several months. I did the Hathor's Crystal Palace Within pineal gland activation on Halloween of 2010 and by God, it took. I actually felt rather woozy for a couple days and that rarely ever happens to me since I am very well grounded. I have used Tarot and my dowsing rod a lot since 2010 as the energy work has been nuts and has made it hard to hear at times. And yet, there again, the Tarot info has been used in rather unconventional ways since the archetypes and initiatory rites associated with it are no longer part of my personal experience and yet it's a way to jump-start communications at times.

    And in recent years, if the Divine has needed me to know something - some work for this ascension project that I am tasked with - claircognizance has often been the way to that. I will get downloads of information, then if describing it to someone, I have to put all that knowingness into clunky words. And I love words (can you tell?) and yet that conversion can be a real drag at times.

    Then since early 2011, it's been about doing energy work to assist Earth and the collective. After my own ascension work, I'd cleared out blockages so the energy work since has not tended to come with aches and pains (symptoms) as the energy has no blockages to hang up on and yet exhaustion was just out the roof. And when I got a break from the energy work it was like night and day. I felt like a new person, although still in a fat and out-of-shape body since it was used as a human antenna instead of being used physically / outwardly, ya know, like a human body was designed for. lol Grr. I'm sure you and many of your readers can relate.

    I have not had a conventional job since early 2009 and have often said I have a full time job for the last several years and that job is 24/7/365, with no nights or weekends off and no vacation or holiday time. Needless to say, I haven't had what many conventional folk would call anything resembling a life.

    I've transmuted so very much through my personal field, mostly in the way of VERY strong emotional expression and also served to ground in higher light. I'm amazed, frankly, that I'm fine emotionally and mentally for the most part after all this, but yes, my body has certainly taken a hit. I'm looking forward to my new crystalline form as the Divine has pretty much used up and wrung out this form. I don't even care to think what it would take to get this body back in shape in the old, slow way. I'd love to say it's been a joy, but I'm too honest for that. lol It has had its joyous moments, don't get me wrong, and the reward will be awesome, and not just my own personal rewards but just helping this b-e-a-u-tiful planet get to higher ground will be MOST rewarding. I love her so.

    Now, comes the part that might throw you for a loop. Around about August of 2012, after all this intense energy work, I literally outgrew my higher self. I'd been given a heads up about it prior and yet didn't quite know how to interpret it until it was time to, well, kick my higher self to the curb. That might sound like an extreme expression and yet that's pretty much how it happened. In essence, through service work and continually raising our consciousness levels, even beyond a 5D level, we can absolutely no longer need our higher self. And yet, here I am, still "in the program", still under the veil somewhat, although it's thinner, it's not gone until we move up and I've graduated beyond my higher self. Who knew. And I doubt many will achieve this while still in the 3D duality program and what it took to get to this level (especially here at this plane of existence) is not something I'd wish on anyone, well, maybe I might wish it on some entities above the veil to expand their understanding... read on.


  10. Myself and a friend at the same level have been doing work above the veil for the past two years, having to kick some entities in line that have in some ways hindered this Earth / human ascension process. And I'm not talking malevolent entities, but some that have been well-meaning and yet overly curious and fascinated with what consciousness really is and well, even though not meaning to be malicious, they have caused some problems through their ignorance, especially concerning free-will and consequence. Long story. I'll just say that we served as Earth representatives and, to express this in a rather euphemistic way, helped these entities find a better way to satisfy their curiosity and gain understanding in a more personal way and not be messing with anyone down here. Those of us down here are not the only ones who have learned things during this ascension process.

    With such things in mind, I'm glad that in your post you mentioned knowing "right" from "wrong." In recent months God told me that our "duality skills" have served us well in the work my friend and I did above the veil. Contrary to some "beliefs" both below and above the veil, we have actually learned some useful skills from our time in duality. It reminded me of Neale Donald Walsch's original books "Conversations With God" where God explained that there is no right and wrong as far as sheer experience goes. Hitler and Mother Teresa both had valid "experiences". But when you have a goal in mind, then there are indeed conditions. As God and Walsch worded it (and I paraphrase), "If you want to get to Seattle, then you can't take the road to Sacramento. There's nothing 'wrong' with taking the road to Sacramento, but it won't get you to your goal of going to Seattle." And this "old school" wisdom could stand to be learned by many a lightworker who seem to be stoned on love and light sometimes forget the plot of why they came here in the first place.

    And above the veil, they too needed some lessons in "right" and "wrong" as they were pretty much in "anything goes" mode and yet it was not doing us any favors down here. So, we got that taken care of.

    And April (and anyone else for that matter), I'd love to hear how this all resonates with you as we've not really found many folks who understand what we are talking about with these activities above the veil. We have indeed found some confirmation through some channelers and others and yet we get the distinct impression that they aren't necessarily consciously aware of what real significance the info they provide is, that gives that confirmation. And they don't seem to be aware of the work above the veil (or the necessity for it) and don't know that there are "in-the-program Earth humans" serving in this way.

    And I personally think this sort of thing is important for others to be aware of because it shows just what we humans can achieve, even while still under that veil / in the program. It reminds me of Marianne Williamson's quote about "not playing small." And anyone who attempts to talk anyone into "limits" in any way, at any level, well are just full of b.s. There truly are no limits other than those self-imposed. I have always been about empowering folks (and stories I could tell along those lines about those above the veil and their funny ideas about free-will, but I'll spare you, at least for now).


    1. Dear Anonymous, thank you so very much for sharing your own personal spiritual journey with me. I greatly appreciated reading it and also personally resonated very much with it. It's interesting how our sense of "understanding" can shift/morph throughout one's journey as we deepen and broaden the very context of our "understanding," don't you agree? I'm so glad that you shared your story here and hope that others will take the time to read it. Please feel free to reach me directly via the contact form if you'd like. Commenting is just fine though too.

  11. Thanks for your emphasis on connecting and communicating with one's higher self. Now THAT is indeed empowering stuff. And thanks for your confirmation on energies around the equinox and beyond. Yep, almost there. I could say "thank God", but ya know what, I'm gonna say, thanks to all of us who have come here, woke up and have been "on assignment" actually getting it done. With that in mind, I especially appreciated your message about third / solar plexus chakra importance or what I call the "git 'er done" chakra.

    I applaud all who have risen to this Earth ascension challenge. We have helped a most wonderful planet.

    Cathy LaCounte

    1. Dear Cathy,
      I too rise with you sister in thunderous applause!

  12. I have to say i love this article! Clean and concise information, thank you so much.
    I've just found your blog and i'm amazed! I started to connect with my high self through ho'oponopono, the hawaiian healing technique, and after that i started to channel with spirits and beings of light. I still don't know if i should share this ability with others, or how to fulfill my soul purpose in the highest way, but i'm going step by step, keeping the faith and living in joy.
    I'll be reading your previous articles and looking forward to the new ones.
    Thank you, i love you.

    Wish you Peace beyond all understanding

    1. Dear Siret,
      Thank you so much for sharing a little background about yourself, along with your kind words about the blog itself. I'm always interested to know how new visitors perceive the blog and HS messages. I'm so glad to hear that you found them helpful! Being involved in any type of healing modality is only going to give you a leg up and amuch better foundation with which to start from. There are many ways or areas in which you could branch off, explore and/or at some point teach. It sounds like you've done very well in following nudges from your HS (intuition) and are on an excellent path for growth and development. I think you have the perfect attitude too in your approach, by holding things lightly, following your joy, and being patient and loving with yourself. If you've already started to channel spirits and beings of light, I think a good next step, is to share them. As scary as that might sound, others can really help you to hone and discern information that is coming through by asking you clarifying questions about your messages. And remember, it's a gift or opening that must be developed and honed so be patient and gentle with yourself, not overly critical. I would be happy to read some of your messages if you like and to perhaps even share them on this blog. Or you should really consider starting your own blog - even if you only share it with trusted friends and kindred spirits to start. It sounds like a very exciting time for you as your inner capacities are quite clearly blooming! Thanks again so much for commenting and sharing a bit about yourself. I hope you continue to visit the blog and if you do decide to share your channelings with me or simply want to chat, get a hold of me via the sites Contact Form.


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