Sunday, April 10, 2016

One Heart, One Mind, One Body

by April Bender (via the Divine Mother)

Dear One,

I am your mother, the birther and nurturer of Life, and as such I live, move, breathe and have my very being in you - just as surely as you live, move, breathe and have your being within me.

Just as aspects of your body (cells, organs, tissues, blood), live, move, breathe and have their being within you – you live, move, breath and have your being within them. Do you see? There are many I's, many focal points and points of perception, and many concentric circles of higher intelligence within the One. Many various levels of clustered intelligence, information, consciousness, form – LIFE.

The Resurgence of Love and Equilibrium: The Permeation of Ascended Divine Feminine Energy

by April Bender (via integrated Overself)

As with each potent energy induction/portal, there is first a contraction and then a release.
This latest energetic release was tremendous indeed and brought with it the arrival of a most precious gift to your overall experience of this planetary realm, the permeation of the newly ascended Divine Feminine energy!

For the glorious Bride (Gaia/Sophia/World Soul) has been painstakingly prepared, awakened, has just ascended, and now eagerly awaits the arrival of the Bridegroom (Christ consciousness/Creator Son aspect) and the great wedding feast (union) that is yet to come.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Caution: Energetic Storm Ahead

by April Bender (via integrated Overself)

As you have correctly guessed, the latest energy induction portal is bringing in some rather powerful higher energies/frequencies which serve to further catalyze, link and synergize new configurations of space, time, matter and light consciousness, at all levels. It is this massive movement and reorganization at all levels which creates the internal sense of “energetic storming” or a massive gravitational vortex opening. As a result, you may feel as if a great deal of energy, light, and/or information is swirling around within and outside of you – and indeed it is.

As the new light codes and harmonics begin to assimilate within current energetic streams, patterns and structures you’ll begin to notice an even greater transparency between worlds and/or across dimensions as the unification and reclamation processes deepen. Already there have been many accounts and images shared via social and alternative media over this last year displaying mysterious “pillars of light” and/or “cities of light” seemingly visible from another place, time, or dimension. These accounts will only become more frequent and more pronounced as the year moves forward.  

Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Reunification of Worlds Begins

by April Bender (via integrated Overself)

Another year has passed, another arc on the grand spiral of time. Your spirit/essence has lengthened profoundly in breadth as well as depth. It has been a year of tests, of challenges and of the greatest in-breath (or time of receiving from Spirit in its many forms/channels) unlike any other. You are no longer you, as you have grown/expanded beyond identity, beyond human description, beyond light/dark, beyond form – while still contained within a human vessel. 

You have reclaimed the knowledge, the wisdom, the truth contained within the deepest parts of Self, your ancestral blood, your connection to Gaia, Source, and your connection to otherworldly allies, seen and unseen (heavenly and planetary). You have served as a bridge, a friend, a code bringer, collaborator, and healer between worlds. This is every human's divine birthright and intended role, though many still struggle to break through the fog (the counter influences both internally/externally), and claim it. But this is indeed what the collective is striving toward, the reintegration of fragmentation. Harmony between worlds.