HS Message - The Importance of Active Co-Creation at this Time

By April Bender

First, let me clarify what I mean when I speak of co-creation, especially given the context of my last message concerning the utilization of your solar plexus chakra, or seat/throne of divine empowerment in order to travel within to various inner realms/dimensions of awareness/experience, and how co-creation is a natural by-product or expression of such soulful adventures and integrations.

You see as part of your new vessel's "breathing process" in which you're exchanging vast quantities of energy and information between worlds/dimensional levels, one must become mindful that part of taking a "complete" breath includes a further stage of "exhalation" in order to be a whole movement or cycle - and that movement is a CO-CREATIVE one.

This is taking that information, memory, knowledge, love and/or codes received while traveling/communing inwardly, letting it inform and inspire you, and then physically creating/manifesting something tangible in the external world. In this way you further solidify that higher integrated information/vibration out into the world. In essence, YOU become the vessel in which the world of matter meets the world of anti-matter.

You already emit a great deal of this information for the benefit of Gaia and humankind without creating anything of note at all simply because that's how you're wired. You release it throughout your aura/chakras all day long without even trying but at this stage of the game, and with the size of in-breaths you are taking in your new vessels, release through the chakras/aura alone is not enough. . .you need to release or "exhale" even further out now and on a consistent basis or you'll find those highly charged energies will stagnate within and become a detriment to your psyche and/or overall health, causing an internal clash of sorts and a misdirection of information/impressions.

Now, what I speak of is creating simply for the sake of inspired creation. Meaning that activities like writing, photography, channeling, journaling, doodling/drawing, painting, landscaping, crafting in general, etc. . .are wonderful modes of concrete expression and further breath exhalation. Other modes are one of creative EMBODIMENT like yoga, Tai-Chi, dance, etc...It doesn't matter if anyone else sees your work, or if they even like it - all that matters is that it inspires YOU, that you find it BEAUTIFUL, and that it REMINDS you of your initial inspiration (your inner sojourns). For those who are already consistently expressing their creativity, now is the time for them to step it up a notch, develop things a bit more and/or reaffirm their underlying intent. This is why you personally felt compelled to start your own blog and take up painting again, among other things.

What is so beautiful to behold is that in your ACT of co-creation with Universe, some part of your multi-dimensional Self or Soul/Star Family you've connected to or have integrated with, including their information, awareness, cellular memory, and codings - is given material or "substantive" life THROUGH you. So know, that in every Sacred Act of CO-CREATION within your purified vessel, you are pulling through multi-dimensional energies and information on a quantum level into your body/energetic field and even further into your external world. This CREATION changes the energetic composition/dynamic of that outer environment by retaining the initial "impression" in which you imbued it, thereby interacting with and forever altering all energies/beings that come into proximity of it - further tipping the "vibrational/frequency scales" on Earth.

This is why the further step of active co-creation is necessary at this time. It's all part and parcel of your new vessel, your new form of "breath," your new stage of development and newly expanded capacities. As I said before, you have earned a great deal more conscious access, control, and power (not to mention accountability) due to all your hard clearing, balancing, integration, and transmission work over the course of this lifetime, as well as those that came before. I, your Higher/Whole Self or your I AM/Observer presence, am reconnecting with you now to help you, and the others you share these words with, further hone all these blossoming capabilities.

When you intuitively feel it's time, you may be inspired to co-create a whole new, large scale creation inspired by your integration of higher information, awareness and insight. In fact, I know that you will build up to that and others are already conceptualizing such things. That's where you're all headed. But for now, energies are moving/passing in/out so swiftly that it might be difficult to co-create something big and lasting, especially while so much of the old is still passing away however, soon, very soon, the energy/flow will be with you, seemingly overnight the gates will be flung open wide, and this could literally happen in the blink of an eye - making such BIG and INNOVATIVE CREATION dreams possible!

After all, one must learn to walk before they can run - but I also know what a fast learner you are!


  1. Thank you April! I am so happy that you decided to take this up again. You have no idea how meaningful your messages have been in the past xx

  2. That is so sweet and kind of you to say Mara. Thank you, that means a lot coming from you sister.

  3. Me too. I missed your postings sooooo much and I agree with what you are saying. Sewing, art etc is so thapeutic xx

    1. Thanks Maria! I hope you're doing well, especially with the portal energies. They do seem to be relaxing a bit.


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