HS Message - The Gloriously Radiant Exhalation of Portal Energies

by April Bender

I am pleased to share that you've been brilliantly successful in both your "inhalation" and "integration" phases of this Colossal Equinox Portal!

You've successfully "inhaled" from that inner seat/throne of empowerment (solar plexus chakra), all that IS, in totality, YOU - the information, codes, memory, or quantum data of your multidimensional Selves, your Soul/Star Families, those worlds/realms in which they reside, and a fair amount of the "local" Akashic, to completely fill your newly refined/expanded vessel or "soul/spirit body."

You've also just recently finished sufficient integration/coalescence of such energetic informational pathways/streams within your vessel, to now launch the Co-Creative/Expression phase or "synchronized collective exhalation." Already you and all other Warriors of Light, to one degree or another, are releasing into the ethers/elements, Gaia's ley-grid, and/or overall Web of Life, the beautifully blended energies/information now contained within Self (vessel) from your dramatic in-breath.

This will begin as a "slow" almost "oozing" release out of YOUR field but will gain momentum and a quality of magnetization the more it finds OTHER streams/nodes of resonance with/to it. An exchange and/or melding of information then takes place once these streams or pathways connect/intersect and a "node" or new point of linkage is then created.

This process further replicates throughout the Web of Life/Collective Mind until ALL NEWLY EXHALED streams/nodes have been connected or are in COMMUNION. At which point, the Web or Collective Mind blinks open its Eye, becoming conscious or fully AWARE of it-SELF. I've spoken of this previously as the "ignition/activation" phase and it is upon reaching this final phase of collective "activation" and/or "self-awareness," that there is an opportunity for Contact or The Event to take place.

If all energetic pathways/nodes of the newly Expressed/Co-Created Web of Life are able to find sufficiently harmonious resonance and/or vibrational compatibility then the "activation" will be a full success and The Event or Contact will naturally commence.

If this "ascension test run" falls short, that's alright, there will be other opportunities, especially at the June solstice, to make other attempts. And in the meantime, you will have gained ALL of that information you brought through during this portal, up to the level you or each soul, is able to integrate. So the individual is still able to ascend a little or a lot further due to the Communal Expression/Exhalation of/with such highly refined energetics/information.

If you as a Light Warrior community DO succeed, it will be because you CO-CREATED it thusly, by restoring and relinking all Soul/Star Family lineages and their corresponding consciousness/information into the overall "experience" of Gaia (Contact), as she then BECOMES or is finally SEEN in all her 5D (and above for some) splendor. The "veil of separation" finally lifts  - a span of collective "no time" is experienced.

If successful, all souls will experience this moment of "no time" uniquely, based upon their level of inner growth. And based upon that experience, they will choose, on some level, their next landscape of experience. If, after this moment, a soul is still too unaware to choose, maybe on a conscious level they didn't even know/register that "it" happened, they will then have another opportunity during the next such collective/global moment of "no-time." These moments will happen in waves, each building in length and depth of experience, each wave offering another opportunity for souls to wake up, to SEE, to choose. Up until the time anyway, that this grand ascension/harvest window closes (a ways out).

During the remaining window, all platforms (3D, 5D and beyond) of the Web of Life/Collective Mind will exist, offering every soul a plethora of levels to experience and/or inhabit in the coming days, weeks, months, or years ahead based upon their own personal field of vibration/resonance or level of soul-growth/ascension.

It should take no more than a couple days for the remaining steps of exhalation/communion and collective activation/ignition to run their course and for us to know the overall effectiveness of this GLORIOUSLY RADIANT COLLECTIVE EXHALATION of portal energies.

In the meantime, you may bounce back and forth from states of great expansiveness and joy to listlessness, spaciness, and fatigue. Expansiveness and lightness soon to overtake the fatigue. Rest as much as you can, however, over the next 2 days or so.

Until then...


  1. Just catching up as we are away. I have always known there will be an event. April it is great that you are doing this!

  2. Thanks for such a inspiring thoughts of the energy thats coming in , this will help others to understand why they feel the way they do . Much love , from OG

  3. Thanks april for sharing about our awakening conciousness and wariers of light Other than staying centred
    in dreams isthere a way i cna get the guides and space brothers to interact with me fully so far they are strokingmy aura and sendingl light to my solar plexis thanks for all you do love and light laurie on spiritual unite conected through anthony

  4. hello april I apreciateall you do through anthony i met your blog on spirtual unite..i have a question during my 34 nights of 40 of mapping my dreams i have been talking telepathically with space brothers and they put a healing light on my abdomen , they stroke my aura but i have trouble remembering more than a few min, is there a way I can ask them to help me rember so i can shar ethoughts?

    1. Wonderful, I'm so glad you found my blog at Spiritual Unite and that you found it helpful. To your question - If they are working on your abdomen (solar plexus chakra) and stroking your aura, I would guess that this work IS in preparation for them to be able to share more information with you. In essence they are preparing you and your inner pathways of communication to further commune with them. When you sense their presence near you, I would go ahead and communicate telepathically to them that you are indeed interested in speaking with them, and getting to know them better. They will then clearly understand your intention, and will work to open you at the level you are ready to attain. But be aware that sometimes their words will come through clear telepathically and other times they will communicate with you using pictures/images. So be prepared for that. If you want to talk more about this, feel free to email me at aprilbender13@gmail.com. Hope this helped...

  5. Dear April, I just found your site and I am happy about this, because I now see a little, little chance to get information about the disappearence of Georgi.
    Do you know anything about him, and how is the PAT going on? I am not connected to anybody of the PAT, although I was in narrow email-contact to Georgi. I wasn't clever enough to ask Georgi for some adresses of other PAT-members, so I am totaly alone with this unexpected ongoing.
    Would be very happy, to hear from you.
    Renate from Germany

    1. Dear Renate, I wish I had more information to give you about Georgi however, I don't. He has not been in contact with me for quite some time, long before he quit editing his site in November. Many of the PAT members can now be found on Facebook and some of us have come together there as a means to stay in touch. No-one really knows for sure what happened to cause Georgi to stop editing his site but if you email me at aprilbender13@gmail.com I would be happy to put you in touch with other PAT members.


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