HS Message - Your Active Participation is Now Requested

By April Bender

For the last several months you've found yourself seemingly adrift in a sea of Void. Unable to move forward nor backward, as the sense or reference point of “you” in the past is no longer there, and the “you” of the future is still being defined/created, just as the future itself is. . . as Karen Bishop's recent message so eloquently affirms.

Yes my dear, you've let go and released so very much this last year, and in doing so, have finally created a cavernously large, purified vessel that will now enable you to contain/hold ALL that you are now able to BECOME and REMEMBER on a scale never before imagined!

Let me explain. . .

Universe upon universe literally exist within you – and as you've discovered, you can easily travel down into their depths through your solar plexus chakra. To do this, you can simply allow your consciousness to focalize as a spiral shape within this center, while your inner sun blazes a brilliant and fiery yellow. You continue to allow your consciousness to be carried along this inner spiral, moving in and down. Next, you allow yourself to slow down and sense where it is you need to stop and then simply step off. 

Levels upon dimensional levels exist deep within you, NOT OUTSIDE OF YOU. By the very nature of how you were created you serve as a databank, a storehouse of all universal/galactic codes of life that your multidimensional Selves and your Soul/Star family have ever accumulated throughout your vast experiences, sojourns, and/or incarnations throughout the great multi-verse of space and time. This is the information, the knowledge, the memories, the codings, and the energetic linkages that your soul actively seeks to re-establish within Self and upon Gaia.

It is now time for you to fully realize this and begin to explore and reacquaint yourself with such ability, with such expanded states of consciousness and awareness. THIS is how contact with your Soul Families and multi-dimensional Selves will be made – initially. For they are contained WITHIN, therefore access to them is also found within – not externally above in the outer world. You must find US within YOU first, you must recreate that bridge/link back to us, your Higher Self and Soul/Star Family, now that all doorways are being fully reopened to you, and in doing so, we connect and merge with you through that bridging/linking to bring the many experiences/realities together for “the upcoming event.”

More plainly put, YOU ARE THE ONES to weave us back through into your world and into the consciousness once more of all earth's inhabitants. In truth, you will be reconnecting and bridging many realities together within your newly created vessel, and it is through this endeavor that a high degree of illumination shall finally take place upon the Earth. Keep in mind that while you've always played such a part in the overall ascension process of humanity, at this moment in time, you are being given much more conscious power and control to serve as a nexus-point of worlds, it is an opportunity as we say. . . for true mastery.

In fact, the reason your are now able to facilitate this inner, soon to be outwardly expressed, concrete bridge-building/linking between worlds is because over the course of the last year, you have been breaking the “seal” upon each dimensional level via the consecutive inter-dimensional timeline splits and extreme energy/cleansing waves experienced, which raised you vibrationally and purged you soundly, thereby allowing you access to higher and higher levels of vibration, form, memory, information and higher function integration.(See Georgi Stankov's Universal Law Press website under recommended links.)

You've been breaking the seals and establishing preliminary links with us and your multidimensional Selves, at each level up to the 7th for most, the 9th thru 12th for others. You are now on the verge of recreating/establishing a fully accessible link/bridge between worlds, that precious sustenance your ancestors of long ago knew so very well and fought tirelessly to sustain (vibrationally), and that which is expressly yours by divine birthright. Humans were never meant to live an isolated existence, their awareness cut-off from their Soul/Star families – and that is why those in control like to keep the volume turned up on the vibration of “fear,” as fear constricts those once opened pathways of communication/communion.

But YOU have now created the new vehicle necessary for free unhindered movement between all INNER levels/dimensions/realms of experience but the confusion for many comes when attempting to consciously utilize this connection. Most focus on the mind, third eye region, or heart chakra when attempting to make contact with Soul Family or aspects of Self at differing dimensional levels. While true, some measure of success can be attained from these methods, as fragments do come through, these are not the ideal methods as a “wholeness” of experience/energetics does not take place.

One should begin in the solar plexus region instead, the center of your being, the seat of your central nervous system or “secondary brain.” Your personal seat/throne of divine empowerment – your inner sun which when balanced/rightly empowered, aligns properly to not only our local sun, but extends all the way out to our Galactic Central Sun as well, thereby connecting you to the Oneness of All and your right/proper place within Creation itself.

So the solar plexus should be one's starting focal point in traveling multi-dimensionally. (And this is why so much clearing and letting go work, not to mention self-love/empowerment was required of you prior to reaching this stage.) Next your heart chakra and your intentions contained therein guide you to your appropriate level of experience/information, and the visuals/insights of course then naturally flow into your third-eye and crown region, while various other chakras are also utilized in processing and assimilating the experience as well, but you see how the starting point or PORTAL/DOORWAY to the great mysteries that lie beyond is actually your own inner central sun region?

Again I cannot stress enough the importance of you exercising your WILL to go deep within your center (solar plexus) and create your own personal connections to us, to your Selves, to Home, through YOUR inner spiral of time/space and by doing so, you begin to pull us through in a sense – and magnetize/pull the worlds together so that true “contact” can be made and the “event” or “unveiling” may finally commence.

It is up to you, those on the front lines, of the first order, to now finish what you've started so that others can soon follow in your footsteps, thereby renewing all Soul/Star family streams/lineages back into the experience of Earth. You have finally finished creating the inner vehicle, all of your hard work is about to pay off, all is perfect and ready – now is the time to use it! It is time for you to step into conscious mastery and to really work at this on a daily basis by utilizing this new vehicle. At this level of empowerment, movement, and connection, it will not take long at all to see the culmination of such efforts dramatically manifest right before your very eyes.

For it is the information, the memory, the codings and the love in which you come into contact with and bring through you to the physical plane which will stimulate first the outer collapse of illusion and then the healing, growth and rejuvenation necessary on a mass level once the truth is revealed.

This is when the outer transformation of your world truly begins. We are here, we are waiting, we are eager to fully reconnect with you, as is sweet Gaia, all are here to help you to REMEMBER and to give you the “keys” needed to open all doors, breakdown all veils/barriers, and to restore that which has become distorted. And ALL of it will be birthed THROUGH you and through the many others whose vessels have also been readied to serve in this way. You are ALL now more than ready to contain IT and even reference those various otherworldly storehouses at WILL – the knowledge, the memory, the truth, the codes, the worlds themselves – filling you full in large measure, and then integrating and releasing these energetic light codings into the ethers and ley-lines of Earth. You are learning a new form of “breath” appropriate to your newly expanded vessel and becoming/embodying your divine, powerful and luminous self in the process!!

Soon, your proficiency in utilizing your new vehicle to serve as a nexus point of worlds, experience and information will blossom, and you, I and all that is contained within YOU will truly become ONE. Balance on Earth/Gaia and all connected realms will again be restored, and you will once again find yourself HOME and COMPLETE. And you'll realize...the idea was never to really "go" anywhere at all in the first place. Instead, you'll simply "unpack" all that beauty and richness right here.

That's only the NEAR future! Many more choices then appear on the horizon for you and for ALL.


  1. may the universe shine bright on you.

  2. inspirational and encouraging

  3. Thanks April, I really resonate with this information. What a relief it was to read this today as so many attempts to create in the external world have been thwarted. I will go within now.


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