Monday, March 31, 2014

Worth Sharing - Manuscript of Survival Part 407

by Aisha North

You have by now passed over a threshold that will lead you all into brand new halls of energetic information, and for many, this information has already started to seep through in the form of images, sounds or even more tangible effects. In other words, the thinning veil is already letting much of what has been hidden start to come into view, and as it does, you will find yourself stepping further and further away from what the majority of mankind still look upon as the reality. For as the veils continue to diminish, you will also see how your grasp of what constitutes reality and fiction will start to blur. 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

HS Message - Harmonic Up-Shifting of the Higher Collective Mind

by April Bender

I am pleased to share with you that as a preliminary result of the Resolution, Reclamation, and Soul-Retrieval Sequencing Process that the Higher Collective Mind recently initiated, many of the troubled, misaligned/imbalanced nodal points or energetic pathways of connection within the newly infused 5D-7D Collective Higher Mind/Web of Life, have now begun to achieve or are moving into, some degree of right/proper alignment, exchange and/or resolution. 

Friday, March 28, 2014

HS Message - The Importance of Self-Care, Compassion, and Love During This Most Crucial Time

by April Bender

I wish to discuss with you today, the importance of Self-Care, Compassion and Love. As these are the crucial qualities or energies that you should be abundantly expressing to Self at this time. Because in order for you to fully Reclaim your empowered Divine center, or seat/throne of Divine Empowerment (solar plexus), you must first believe yourself worthy of it. And this feeling of worthiness is something you need to work into your overall day, not just when things are quiet and/or you are alone. You must learn to truly BELIEVE and have FAITH in who and what YOU ARE, in every way, shape and form - even during the intensity of such expansive and therefore extremely challenging, clearing/transmutation waves. If, in your heart, you believe yourself unworthy in some way, then your inner sun cannot fully shine!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Worth Sharing - Council of Nine: On the Path

by Elizabeth Ayres Escher

Greetings, we are the Council of Nine.

We come today to address the rapid advancement of those who are undergoing the more advanced stages of ascension. This is occurring due to the magnificent effort by those involved in receiving the light codes and frequency upgrades being absorbed by your planetary body and your individual physical forms as the Cosmic waves come crashing upon the shore of your blue-green planet.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Higher Collective Mind Begins Resolution, Reclamation, and Soul-Retrieval Sequencing Process

by April Bender (via Higher Self)

Last we spoke, we discussed the Genesis of a New Creation - the birth of the fully infused Collective Higher Mind or 5D-7D Web of Life, as birthed through YOU, Gaia, and all other Warriors of Light/Love, aiding in these efforts across space/time. While this birth presented you with a glorious new "baby," or higher capacity neural network, the birth itself wasn't without complication. Due to pathway connections or nodal points of dissonance/disharmony, that stymied the full activation or awakening of the overall Mind/Web, this "baby" has yet to wake-up, open it's eyes, and take a conscious breath on its own. While stirring in slumber, this entity is slowly dreaming itself awake, and in doing so, is dreaming of BEING ALIVE and WHOLE, and is therefore initiating or calling forth its own healing, or Resolution, Reclamation, and Soul-Retrieval Sequencing Process.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Learning to Communicate/Commune with Higher Self

by April Bender

Folks have written in recently expressing an interest in learning how to better communicate with their own Higher Selves. I highly applaud these inquiries, as learning to commune with your Higher Self (HS) is the most important thing you can do for personal soul growth and development.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

HS Message - A New Genesis of Creation

by April Bender

Congratulations on a truly fantastic "exhalation" and therefore, "full breath" of equinox portal energies! The striking results of which, will continue to manifest for you and for All, over the coming days and weeks ahead. It is because of this glorious "movement" into Collective Communion and Co-Creative Expression that you and the collective Web of Life, shall now in reality embark upon A New Genesis of Creation.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

HS Message - The Gloriously Radiant Exhalation of Portal Energies

by April Bender

I am pleased to share that you've been brilliantly successful in both your "inhalation" and "integration" phases of this Colossal Equinox Portal!

You've successfully "inhaled" from that inner seat/throne of empowerment (solar plexus chakra), all that IS, in totality, YOU - the information, codes, memory, or quantum data of your multidimensional Selves, your Soul/Star Families, those worlds/realms in which they reside, and a fair amount of the "local" Akashic, to completely fill your newly refined/expanded vessel or "soul/spirit body."

HS Briefing - Equinox Portal Induction or "In-Breath" Now Completes, Brief Integrational Pause Ensues

by April Bender

As you correctly intuited this morning, the "in-breath" or energetic induction phase of this colossal equinox portal is now complete/completing. Your vessel stands tall, FULL, literally filled to the brim with high frequency, full spectrum bandwidth energetics of a highly charged, transformative nature. These energies contain vast quantities of higher information, light codes, and ancestral (Star/Soul Family) memory as internally accessed, magnetized, and pulled-through by you during this most colossal portal opening.

You've done extremely well in utilizing your "inner nexus point" between worlds (chakra/spiritual centers), while staying "centered" within your solar plexus or seat/throne of divine empowerment, as you successfully "breathed in a vastness," not yet experienced or contained, into your Being.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

HS Briefing - The Bursting Open of this Colossal Equinox Portal

by April Bender

I would like to take a moment today, to speak with you about how you've been feeling and to assure you that it does indeed directly relate to the opening of the Spring Equinox Portal.

This magnificently robust "opening" actually began in earnest yesterday. That is why in such a short time you've gone from feeling completely emptied/clear and utterly expansive (vessel) - to feeling uncomfortably full, bloated, and squeezed tight (energetically). Seemingly, like there is very little inner "wiggle" room. You are feeling tired, restless, irritable, rebellious, angry and/or sad, along with the typical ascension or "inner expansion" aches and pains within the body.

Monday, March 17, 2014

HS Message - Radicalization of the Collective Mind Commences

by April Bender

As I, your Higher Self or I AM presence previously discussed, due to the attainment of your newly structured vehicles/vessels and the increased exercise of your spiritualized "breath-work," or newly expanded capacities of Co-Creation, Communication, and Communion, your inner Radiance is now penetrating, mixing, and merging outward into all individual/collective fields of Gaia, Gaia herself, even All That Is.

This further emanation of your inner Radiance (energy centers, soul/spirit body, or personal torsion field) out into the world, along with the Collective Radiance of many others like you, who have now stepped into or have recently "centered" within their own "inner sun" or seat of empowerment, thereby accepting the "keys" or consciously "taking over the driver's seat" of their new vehicle, has now allowed these pathways or flows of information/experience that exist along and throughout Earth's ley-grid and the larger Web of Life, to now begin to "source," "seek out," "link-up" and "activate" new nodes or "access points" of connection, communion, co-creation and expression - igniting a complete RADICALIZATION OF THE COLLECTIVE MIND!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

HS Message - Flourishing Bursts of Radiance are Transforming All

by April Bender

Today I, your Higher Self or I AM presence, am pleased to share with you a  more broad assessment of what is currently transpiring energetically within you and the larger collective community of Earth/Gaia. In recent messages, I discussed the exciting acquisition of your new vessel or newly structured/unified Self, your expanded co-creative abilities and heightened capacity for communion, how best to utilize these, as well as the overall amplification of power/energy now pulsating through and emanating out of you. Now, we are going to dive into the implications/influence of all this on the larger light warrior collective along with the overall effects of this glorious opening as it relates to all inhabitants of Earth and beyond.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Worth Sharing - It's Time to Reveal Your Purpose and Reason for Being by Patricia Cota-Robles

It Is Time To Fulfill Your Purpose and Reason for Being

by Patricia Cota-Robles

We have all been preparing for lifetimes to be able to fulfill our facet of the Divine Plan during this unprecedented Cosmic Moment in Earth’s Ascension process. On many occasions, we felt like we were walking through tar into 150 mile-an-hour winds as we stumbled through a valley of tears striving to make even the slightest progress in our movement toward the Light.

In spite of our pain, we were willing to endure every hardship and difficult experience that our fear-based human egos created, because we believed that one day the lessons of separation and duality would come to an end and we would return to the Oneness of Christ Consciousness.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

HS Message - Using Communication as a Form of Communion

By April Bender

Today I wish to discuss with you the importance of utilizing your throat chakra as a form of higher communication or "communion" with the external/outer world. Just as your co-creative abilities have been greatly enhanced and amplified in potency (as discussed in my previous message), so too have your powers of communication/communion. As you'll soon find out, there are many newly heightened capacities/abilities that come with your restructured vessels. It is true that the capacities of co-creation, inner travel/communion, and higher external communication have always been yours, but because of the latest overhaul to your vessel these abilities have become greatly amplified and much more accessible. Make no mistake, all three are various forms or ways of expressing/manifesting SACRED ACTS, and a means for you to BECOME a thriving EMBODIMENT of the Divine.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

HS Message - The Importance of Active Co-Creation at this Time

By April Bender

First, let me clarify what I mean when I speak of co-creation, especially given the context of my last message concerning the utilization of your solar plexus chakra, or seat/throne of divine empowerment in order to travel within to various inner realms/dimensions of awareness/experience, and how co-creation is a natural by-product or expression of such soulful adventures and integrations.

You see as part of your new vessel's "breathing process" in which you're exchanging vast quantities of energy and information between worlds/dimensional levels, one must become mindful that part of taking a "complete" breath includes a further stage of "exhalation" in order to be a whole movement or cycle - and that movement is a CO-CREATIVE one.

Monday, March 10, 2014

HS Message - Your Active Participation is Now Requested

By April Bender

For the last several months you've found yourself seemingly adrift in a sea of Void. Unable to move forward nor backward, as the sense or reference point of “you” in the past is no longer there, and the “you” of the future is still being defined/created, just as the future itself is. . . as Karen Bishop's recent message so eloquently affirms.

Yes my dear, you've let go and released so very much this last year, and in doing so, have finally created a cavernously large, purified vessel that will now enable you to contain/hold ALL that you are now able to BECOME and REMEMBER on a scale never before imagined!

Let me explain. . .

Universe upon universe literally exist within you – and as you've discovered, you can easily travel down into their depths through your solar plexus chakra. To do this, you can simply allow your consciousness to focalize as a spiral shape within this center, while your inner sun blazes a brilliant and fiery yellow. You continue to allow your consciousness to be carried along this inner spiral, moving in and down. Next, you allow yourself to slow down and sense where it is you need to stop and then simply step off.