Crossing a New Threshold

by April Bender

Dear friends,
The road to ascension has been long and arduous. It has provided us many opportunities in which to grow, learn, evolve, and transcend many limiting aspects of self and the collective (illusions, beliefs, fear patterns, systems, and structures). As a result, we've reclaimed more of our higher dimensional memories, capacities, identities, power, sovereignty and therefore, deeper communion with the One and connection with the All. And together, we've raised the experience of Earth back to its natural higher-dimensional state.

You may be looking around thinking it sure as hell doesn't look or feel that way, but I assure you, the conditions that needed to be met to create the shift needed have occurred. The last year marked the final monumental shift needed in the Higher Collective Mind, to guarantee that what now unfolds will lead us all to higher shores and a much richer and more fulfilling earthly and spiritual experience. The ascension of earth and humanity is now inevitable. Greater love, freedom, healing and harmony - the final decree.

What you witness now is simply the unfolding of that monumental collective mental shift, the tipping point reached. Which immediately impacts and throws into chaos the collective emotional body. And the dance between these two has only just begun. In 2017, you will see this exchange intensify as deeper and deeper layers of hidden truths are revealed, ancestral memories unlocked, and a great deal more collective energy surfaces for healing. Now that the larger critical shift has taken place, the remaining ascension movements/shifts needed to manifest the new world/age will happen in rapid step-wise succession.

Some incarnated souls will suffer greatly during these times in a state of severe cognitive dissonance and/or denial. They will have difficulty processing the tsunami wave of revelation on tap for this year. Both mentally and emotionally they will struggle to keep up. It is important to send them your love but not become mired in their perspective/attitude. Conversely, many many others across the globe (like us) will experience the unfolding of such events very differently. We will experience them as exciting, miraculous, empowering, liberating, and as an opportunity to reshape reality the way it was intended to be. We get to say good riddance to those things that have suppressed the truth and only perpetuated the grand lie of dis-empowerment, division, control and limitation. We will be stepping into and embracing our new roles as visionaries, healers, artists, mentors, and conscious creators of the new. Ascended masters actualized!!!

It is in knowing this and weighing it over these last many months in my heart and mind that I have made the decision to not focus on updating this blog or channel messages at this time. Instead I would like to spend my remaining time on Earth as I know it, simply witnessing. Watching and feeling it all unfold as it unfolds...not trying to gauge it, simply experiencing fully one of the greatest moment's in cosmic history - the shifting of an Age! It no longer resides in the future - but here in the present.

As a way to mark the transition, I have created a new blog called April's Expressions where I will share my artistic expressions, reflections, and impressions of this grand unfolding as it unfolds. I hope you will come and visit me there.

Celebrate, for we are in the most exciting times ever on Earth! Consider how you too would like to spend your remaining time on this planet as you know it. I shall see you all very very soon.

Much love and light,